Homeowners who reside in the flood zone can avoid relocating their home during the elevation process, utilizing a proven state-of-the-art solution, the CHANCE HELICAL PULLDOWN® Micropile. This solution provides a permanent, long-term solution to the threat of future storm damage and exceeds all FEMA, state and local requirements.

How It Works

Before & After

(left) A family home in Pt. Pleasant, NJ raised to proper elevation prior to installation of CHANCE Helical Piles. (right) Finished repair of home with added break-away walls.

Homeowner Testimonial

NJ Homeowners Barry W. and Bob C. discuss their experiences with repairing their home foundations with CHANCE Helical Piles.

The Sandy Solution Installation Process

Animated description of the installation process of the CHANCE HELICAL PULLDOWN® Micropile

Installer Testimonial

NJ local contractor, certified installer and architect discuss their experiences in working with CHANCE Helical Piles.

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